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General availability

Cron is now available for everyone! Read more on our blog about this milestone and our continued commitment to building the next-generation calendar.

We’ve removed the waitlist, and everyone can sign up at We should be able to handle the traffic now. You can still invite friends or teammates directly (Ctrl/ K > Invite to Cron…).

With general availability (GA), we’re releasing a long list of improvements across all platforms: better event blocking, more robust offline detection, updates to time zones, and much more.

Other improvements

  • Adds event previews in Arc browser for Cron for web.
  • Adds command (Ctrl/ K) to join conferencing of upcoming or selected event.
  • Improves reliability of the iOS widget refreshing data.
  • Improves searching time zones with accented characters, e.g., typing “montreal” or “geneva” matches the “Montréal” and “Genève” time zones respectively.
  • Improves reminder presets for all-day events (e.g., “1 day before” instead of “5 mins before”).
  • Improves auto-blocking events on calendar by removing the block for declined events.
  • Updates time zones (e.g., Mexico and Jordan discontinued their use of DST).
  • Merges duplicate upcoming events in the iOS widget and desktop menu bar/system tray.
  • Simplifies event deletion dialog when meeting is already declined.
  • Allows viewing and editing events using your primary time zone on iOS.
  • Allows changing event color, visibility, free/busy, and reminders for all events of a repeat series at once.
  • Shows days from adjacent months in the date picker for event start and end dates.
  • Shows warning toast when attempting to create an event while offline.
  • Shows days from adjacent months when choosing the start and end dates of an event.
  • Removes pinned teammate calendars that no longer exist automatically from the left-hand calendar list.
  • Decreases likelihood the menu bar calendar preview gets hidden on Macs with a “notch.”
  • Reduces app bundle size and thus initial loading time of app.
  • Fixes Cron on desktop getting stuck in offline mode in rare cases.
  • Fixes some labels in all-day section overlapping when weekends are hidden.
  • Fixes all-day events of teammates (like OOO events) still showing after hiding their calendar.
  • Fixes prompt to change time zone not always shown when traveling, or incorrectly shown when the system and primary time zone are the same.
  • Fixes wording in confirmation toast when deleting an event as a participant.
  • Fixes upcoming meeting notifications on Windows sometimes not clickable.
  • Fixes “Open calendar window” system startup setting on macOS Ventura and Windows.
  • Fixes iOS widget going blank or falsely prompting to sign-in again.
  • Fixes occasional duplicate events created on auto-blocking calendars.
  • Fixes incorrect grid layout when syncing time zones from desktop to iOS.
  • Fixes wrong end date shown when creating a multi-day event on iOS.