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Cron for iOS

The iOS app brings the power and design of Cron from desktop to mobile. Get Cron for iPhone and sign right in with your existing Cron account. Cron has everything you need to replace the current calendar app on your phone.

A few highlights:

  • Multiple time zones. Pull the time zone column to the right to “travel to any city” and add more time zones. Tap on the time zone headers to rename or reorder — all instantly in sync with your desktop.
  • Event Blocking. Cron’s powerful calendar syncing is also available on mobile. Select an event, then tap ⋯ and “Block on calendar…” to swiftly block an event from a personal calendar on your work calendar, for example.
  • Widgets. The Home Screen Widget shows a rich preview of upcoming events from all your connected calendars in Cron, plus a button to quick-add events. The Lock Screen Widget (new in iOS 16) lets you see what’s up next when picking up your phone.

And, of course, gorgeous light and dark modes.

A mobile app has been the top request, and we wanted to ensure we did it right. We are taking the same deliberate approach to Android and tablets, and work is well underway. Check out our docs for more info and ways to request platforms and features.

Other improvements

  • Allows customizing profile photo in Settings > Account > Profile. Your avatar shows up in the Cron desktop and mobile apps, and externally on meet pages when sharing availabilities.
  • Sends availability booking confirmation email to associated calendar account’s email address instead of always the Cron user account’s email address.
  • Adds warning icon in the upcoming meeting card, upcoming meeting notification, and menu bar calendar for events where all other participants have declined.
  • Improves performance when hovering meeting rooms list.
  • Simplifies view selector in app header by nesting “Number of days” in a submenu.
  • Updates time zone identifiers America/Nuuk (prev. America/Godthab), Europe/Kyiv (prev. Europe/Kiev), and Pacific/Kanton (prev. Pacific/Enderbury).
  • Updates Terms and Privacy Policy effective November 30, 2022 to Notion’s (no changes to the way Cron collects or processes data).
  • Fixes resizing event chip spanning two days in the past when weekends are hidden.
  • Fixes moving view with arrow keys / when weekends are hidden.
  • Fixes order of events in month view.
  • Fixes cursor incorrectly staying in “Location” field after confirming autocomplete suggestion via keyboard.