Screenshot of this changelog

Notification improvements

Cron has two notification systems (system-delivered event reminder notifications and upcoming meeting notifications) and both are improved:

  • Adds the event’s location (from “Location” field, meeting room, or conferencing) to notifications — especially useful in hybrid office environments.
  • Shows upcoming meeting notifications even if Cron is in macOS fullscreen mode (currently visible or on another virtual Desktop). Note that if another app is in fullscreen mode and currently visible, it can’t show on top of it.
  • Tweaks appearance of upcoming meeting notifications on macOS 12 Monterey and newer.
  • Increases reliability of event reminder notifications.

People autocompletion improvements

Cron’s contact name/email autocompletion is improved:

  • Ranks contacts with frequent and/or recent meetings higher.
  • Ranks teammates from within your organization higher.

This applies to the “Participants” and “Meet with” fields in the right-hand context panel, as well as the “Show teammate calendar…” command (hotkey P).

Other improvements

  • Fixes “Join meeting” button not working for conferencing links without http(s)://.
  • Fixes sub-context menu’s getting dismissed on window blur.
  • Improves security of the app.