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Help center and docs

We’re introducing a lightweight help center and in-depth docs to make it easier to find information about Cron right when you need it. From the ”?” help button in the bottom-right of the app, select “Help center” for quick access to FAQs, popular guides, and product requests. Or, press G then H to “go to help.”

Other improvements

  • Adds informational toast when duplicating or pasting events that have been manually blocked.
  • Adds warning toast when attempting to show teammate calendar with P with no team calendar account connected.
  • Adds the ability to manually block or unblock multiple selected events.
  • Improves conferencing link detection for Around.
  • Improves switching between the source and target calendars for manually blocked events.
  • Changes reminder notifications to use system time instead of the primary time zone.
  • Fixes blocked event chips for the same original event not being merged when the original calendar is not showing.
  • Fixes the wrong conferencing ID sometimes showing in the context panel when multiple conferencing options are set.
  • Fixes empty time range fields in the context panel when the current grid selection matches the default start time and duration for a new event.