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More conferencing options

We’re adding support for more conferencing providers. Cron detects their link, surfaces the “Join meeting” button, shows them with icon in the menu bar calendar, etc. In addition to Cron’s existing conferencing integrations, we now support:

  • Vowel
  • Webex

Improvements to conferencing

Default conferencing lets you auto-add conferencing to meetings (once a participant is added) and availabilities. You can set this up in settings and it can be overridden on a per-calendar basis in the left-hand calendar list. New you can now unset default conferencing at the calendar level with the “No conferencing” option.

Another critical improvement is a set of new dialogs when moving events between calendars and accounts. Cron will now prompt to change conferencing to the default for the new calendar, including contextual options like changing the host from one Google Meet account to another. The devil is in the details here, and we took care of the devil.

Lastly, we’ve further improved parsing meeting identifiers and passwords from event descriptions.

Other improvements

  • Improves performance of multi-select box (hold shift to select multiple events).
  • Improves 24-hour time formatting to disambiguate midnight at the start vs. end of day.
  • Fixes adjusting an event’s reminders falsely prompting about pending changes.
  • Fixes horizontal resizing in month view for events that span multiple weeks.
  • Fixes start/end date input parsing for all-day events.
  • Fixes search back button falsely showing without search query.