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You can now invite a friend or teammate to Cron. Simply K > Invite to Cron… or access your invite(s) in the bottom-right help menu. We’ll also start showing an invite card in the right-hand context panel when nothing is selected. We hope this is tasteful and helps bring Cron to your community.

Global shortcuts

We have changed the defaults for the two system-wide keyboard shortcuts to avoid conflicts:

  • Menu bar calendar control K
  • Join conferencing globally control J

You can change it from the new default to whatever you like: Settings > Calendar > Menu bar.

Other improvements

  • Changes keyboard shortcut for “Join conferencing” to J.
  • Changes event chip style to stripes if all participants RSVPed “Maybe”.
  • Shows tooltip “Show/hide Cron menu” (backtick to toggle).
  • Enables scrolling for very long calendar lists.
  • Fixes events created from holds sometimes not appearing instantly upon hold confirmation.
  • Fixes auto-added conferencing sometimes being re-added when creating an event.
  • Fixes unable to dismiss settings and feedback views in rare instances.
  • Fixes side by side layout of zero-duration events.
  • Fixes creating repeat events in “Meet With” mode.
  • Fixes showing temporary time zone that matches an existing time zone.
  • Fixes copy button not appearing in join meeting button tooltips.
  • Fixes positioning of tooltips after resizing the window.
  • Fixes toggling all-day for events that start at midnight.
  • Fixes help button unread items badge sometimes being reset without opening it.
  • Fixes mini month navigator and to/from date pickers not always showing “Today” in the primary time zone.
  • Fixes background color when hovering today’s date in mini month navigator.
  • Fixes one-in-a-million-crasher for event titles with multi-byte characters at specific positions.