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Freebusy and event visibility

You can now easily set Free/Busy and privacy for any event in the context panel. Free/Busy is useful to indicate to teammates (or other tools) that certain windows of time should be blocked or not. The event Public/Private visibility is used to, e.g., prevent anyone from seeing the details of a specific event — the options are nuanced but we explain it clearly with the question mark tooltips in the UI.

We have some cool ideas how to soon take this area one step further by letting you automatically auto-block times from one calendar to another.

Other improvements

  • Changes keyboard shortcut to set theme to light/dark from control  L to shift  L.
  • Enables creation of events with a 0-minute duration.
  • Enables changing the color of events as participant.
  • Enables direct editing of OOO events (no need to go through Propose new time flow).
  • Renders Focus Time events that were created in Google Calendar distinctively.
  • Skips the upcoming meeting notification intelligently if the meeting was already joined (e.g., by clicking on “Join meeting” button in the right-hand context panel).
  • Improves where an event gets inserted when creating it via K “Create event”.
  • Prevents auto-adding conferencing on “Create event” without participants.
  • Fixes error when creating an event from a hold with default conferencing.
  • Fixes opening the browser to the correct Google account when joining a meeting with V.
  • Fixes menu bar calendar preview showing “1h left” in cases where it should be “2h left” (and “0m left” instead of “1h left”).
  • Fixes settings like added time zones getting reset after restart in rare scenarios.
  • Fixes upcoming meeting not showing in context panel for “30 mins before meeting” setting.
  • Fixes duplicating repeat meeting only saving the first instance in the series.
  • Fixes multi-day all-day event title not displaying sticky when scrolling in rare scenarios.
  • Fixes showing default values in “Useful shortcuts” for customizable keyboard shortcuts.