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Teammate calendars

Display any teammate’s calendar instantly with the press of a button. No more calendar sharing or using “Meet with” just to check someone’s schedule. You can pin a teammate permanently to your left-hand Cron menu by right-clicking on them.

You find “Show teammate calendar…” in the left-hand Cron menu under the account header’s ⋯ menu, or via K. The hotkey P opens it directly.

Drag and drop 1on1s

Schedule a 1on1 meeting with a teammate simply by dragging them from the Cron menu onto your grid. The title is auto-filled, the time set, and the participant added. Even conferencing will already be auto-added based on your preferences. This interaction is so joyful it will make you want to schedule random 1on1s with your team.

Other improvements

  • Fetches participant overlays across different accounts.
  • Prevents event reminders for drafted holds (“No Title” notification).
  • Fixes repeat notifications after dismissal.
  • Fixes occasional glitchy vertical chip placement.
  • Fixes blocking clicks on an invisible area on the display due to notifications.
  • Fixes location autocompletion not working in rare instances.
  • Fixes A not selecting all text when sharing feedback.