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Calendar performance

Cron is used by people that have 100+ calendars, teammates, and resources. Such busy calendars now load much faster through a progressive loading strategy.

Navigation is also much faster to the point where you can press-and-hold down nav keys. The common J and K shortcuts go to next/previous week, and the arrows move the view left and right. Press the period hotkey . to instantly jump to any date.

Other improvements

  • Shows toast that drafts are saved when dismissing feedback view.
  • Auto-selects correct Google account when opening a Google Meet URL via link-style button.
  • Auto-selects correct Google account for “Open selected event in Google Calendar” command.
  • Removes menu bar setting switch to include “Events on hidden calendars”.
  • Hides “Description” and “Reminders” fields of OOO events.
  • Fixes + from zooming in twice.