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All-day improvements

The all-day section at the top of each day is core to a calendar. It’s used for all-day activities, birthday reminders, or multi-day vacation plans. And it has just gotten a whole lot better in Cron:

  • Multi-day all-day events now display as wide contiguous elements across days.
  • Titles use the whole width so that long event names show in full.
  • “Sticky” titles fade in and out, ensuring they’re always visible when scrolling.
  • Increased responsiveness and performance of the entire all-day section.
  • Enables an immediate re-layout of the all-day event section when new events are added.
  • Fixes to layout, copy & pasting, and toggling all-day events on/off.

Other improvements

  • Adds command K > Change color when an event is selected.
  • Adds Cron > Settings… to macOS menu (also , or G then S).
  • Improves legibility of the current time indicator label.
  • Improves detection of conferencing details pasted in the location and description fields.
  • Fixes Zoom getting stuck at “Connecting…” screen when opening a personal Zoom URL.
  • Fixes unable to add Google Meet conferencing in “Meet with”.
  • Fixes unable to clear location or description from an event with participants.
  • Fixes having to click twice on an event to edit an instance of this event (for newly created repeat events).
  • Fixes setting the wrong start time for repeat events with participants if the events are moved before sending the invite.
  • Fixes clicking in empty grid space shifting the grid by 1 day in specific scenarios.
  • Fixes changing the end day for an all-day event from the date picker.
  • Fixes wrong “to” date sometimes showing for holds when the hold time zone is not the primary time zone.