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Calendar options

Core properties of calendars can now be edited right within Cron.

Select any calendar from the left-hand Cron menu to inspect its details in the right-hand context panel. Rename the calendar, add a description, or change its default color. More actions such as “Remove calendar from list” are accessible in the ⋯ menu or following the “Settings and sharing” link.

The most common actions are quickly available by simply right-clicking on a calendar in the left-hand calendar list.

Two pro tips for the calendar list:

  • Quickly “Make default calendar” by clicking on the color indicator to the left of the calendar name.
  • Quickly “Show only this calendar” by option clicking on the visibility icon to the right of the calendar name. option click again to restore the previous state.

Other improvements

  • Improves how Zoom meetings show up in the Zoom up (duration, time zone).
  • Fixes entering “Share availabilities” via the command menu not focusing the title field.
  • Fixes performance issue when adding (searching) for certain participants.
  • Fixes typing certain values in the to time input hiding the “Choose other time” footer row.
  • Fixes typing certain values in the “to time” input, causing the start time to get changed.
  • Fixes ampersand characters in event titles in the menu bar calendar not showing up.