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Launch performance

Starting today, Cron displays your schedule for the day significantly faster at initial launch.

While speed is invisible when looking at static screens, we view it as one of the most valuable assets in software. A snappy calendar is the difference between one integrating smoothly into your life, and one called upon reluctantly.

To feel the engineering quality, try K > Go to… (also simply the period hotkey .) to navigate to any date by typing. Cron will bring up the day and your schedule instantly.

Smart calendar view positioning

Cron’s calendar view aims to always serve you exactly what’s relevant for you to see. For example, if you’re viewing “Today”, you’ll likely always want to have “now” — and the hours ahead — automatically in view. However, when scrolling to morning or evening hours, you wouldn’t want to randomly get reset to the current time and loose your place. Cron now combines a sophisticated set of heuristics that mostly should remain unnoticed and always feel just right.

When you switch back to Cron after e.g. longer meetings, we’ll also smartly deselect stale selections and serve you what’s upcoming next. Similarly, when you switch back to Cron in the morning, we’ll have smartly guided you back to today, if you have left off on far away dates. However, we never make assumptions about when you go to bed and you’ll never loose pending changes or open dialogs.

If you notice any specific instances where your calendar view isn’t positioned exactly as you’d expect, let us know.

Other improvements

  • Improves menu bar calendar event preview prioritization for events with the same start time.
  • Streamlines context panel UI by subduing the join conferencing action button when there’s a send invite/update/cancelation button.
  • Fixes availability slots created via from/to inputs in the right-hand context panel not appearing on the grid or in the snippet.
  • Fixes creating Zoom meetings for orgs with strict password requirements.
  • Fixes bottom grid gap showing at higher density settings (View > Zoom Hours Out).
  • Fixes dynamic dock icon not updating on spotty connection and/or when coming back to Cron after a long period of time.
  • Fixes arrow keys / moving the viewport an incorrect number of days when hiding weekends.