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Dynamic dock icon

Starting today, Cron’s macOS dock icon features the current date. Not only is it helpful to see today’s date at a glance, but it also looks terrific in your dock. When Cron is quit completely, the icon displays the number “31” to symbolize a calendar.

Cron’s icon is designed to fit perfectly into macOS 11 Big Sur. The blocks spelling “cron” describe a grid to echo the calendar grid. The icon feels like a nod to past decades of great design and like something laser-edged from the future. We hope you love it.

Other improvements

  • Adds a preference to let T always left-align today in view under Settings > General > Calendar navigation.
  • Adds keyboard shortcut 1 to show the Cron window when it’s closed.
  • Improves conferencing link detection for specific Zoom link formats.
  • Syncs user account info more smartly to never see stale data (e.g., avatar).
  • Fixes Zoom link not showing in booking link meeting confirmation email.
  • Fixes RSVP change notification emails not sending in specific scenarios.
  • Fixes issue blocking Cron from cleanly quitting that results in a blank screen.
  • Fixes menu bar not appearing in rare scenarios.
  • Fixes menu bar showing a unicode question mark on macOS 10.15 Catalina.