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Participant list improvements

We’ve improved a core section in the right-hand context panel: the list of meeting participants.

For meetings with many participants, we show you the most important ones — including the organizer and yourself — and smartly collapse the list. This allows you to quickly RSVP without having to expand the list or scroll down.

We’ve also colored the response statuses semantically (green/red/yellow) to see who has accepted/declined/tentatively accepted.

Other improvements

  • Improves deleting of events with participants and clarifies when cancelation emails get sent.
  • Improves deselecting events and holds when clicking in whitespace (e.g., in the left-hand Cron menu, time zone column, app header, right-hand context panel).
  • Improves background timers for accurate-to-the-second reminder notifications.
  • Improves interaction with tooltips.
  • Sets the time zone for repeat events to the calendar’s primary time zone.
  • Fixes deleting repeat events when previously removing a set time zone.
  • Fixes deleting events that have just been moved.
  • Fixes Daylight Saving Time (DST) time zone offsets in an event’s time zone menu.
  • Fixes regression with repeat event expansion.
  • Fixes permission model on the backend, potentially showing incorrect data.
  • Fixes launching external browser when clicking links in an event’s description.
  • Fixes holds having wrong time (time zone) when created in a secondary/traveled to time zone.
  • Fixes events having wrong time when the system time zone is different from the calendar’s primary time zone.