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Meet with…

“Meet with” lets you overlay a teammate’s calendar, pick an available time, and create the meeting in one go. It’s the quickest way to schedule a meeting and feels like magic.

Enter the contact you want to meet in K > Meet with…, or in the zero state of the right-hand context panel (to focus the input, simply press F). If the contact’s calendar is visible to you (e.g., part of the same Google Workspace), their avatar shows a colored ring and their calendar appears in the left-hand Cron menu in a temporary section called “Meeting participants”.

When adding a participant regularly to a new or existing event through “Add participant”, we also automatically pull visible calendars for you.

Email participants

You can now email all or individual meeting participants by selecting the envelope icon next to them. Alternatively, with an event selected, hit K > Email participants.

Other improvements

  • Allows “Mark optional” for participants by clicking on the ⋯ button next to the participant.
  • Shows plain text conferencing link (vs. big join button) during event creation.
  • Improves copy & pasting and rich text formatting (e.g. bullet points) in event description field.
  • Improves adding participants when changing focus away from the participants field.
  • Adds support for “Etc/UTC” time zone.
  • Fixes “Discard event” option not deleting the entire series for a repeat event.
  • Fixes situations where editing an event with participants could fail after changing calendars.
  • Fixes ordering of participants list when duplicating an event.
  • Fixes instances where the organizer couldn’t remove themselves from an event.
  • Fixes sending event invite prematurely when marking participant optional.
  • Fixes moving the mouse off of a participant suggestion clearing the input field.
  • Fixes event description not de-focusing when pressing esc.