Screenshot of this changelog

Mini month navigator

The left-hand Cron menu now features a month overview and date picker. It highlights the current day as well as the displayed days. This makes it obvious what week you’re looking at. The mini month navigator provides a high-level monthly overview and quickly navigates a few weeks or even months.

To show/hide the Cron menu, click the top-left button or press ~ (the key under the esc key).

Cut, Copy, Paste, Duplicate

With a selected event or hold, you can now use standard functions and keyboard shortcuts like cut ( X), copy ( C), paste ( V), and duplicate ( D). You can also duplicate by holding the option key and dragging an event or hold.

With a cut/copied event or hold, we try to find the most appropriate position to insert it when pasting. You can, e.g., navigate somewhere, click on the grid, press V, and it will paste it right there.

All these commands are also available in the command menu and in the Mac menu bar under “Edit”.

Other improvements

  • Adds “Every 2 weeks” (bi-weekly) and “Every month” options to repeat dropdown.
  • Adds “Delete” reactive to grid selections in the Mac menu bar “Edit” menu.
  • Improves event title and time layout on the grid to maximize number of displayed characters and avoid truncation.
  • Improves formatting of Zoom IDs in the right-hand context panel.
  • Changes checkboxes to switches where appropriate (Scheduling link, All-day).
  • Resets the RSVP (response status) of participants when updating a meeting.
  • Fixes tabbing away from conferencing field resetting it.
  • Fixes context panel getting focus after deleting an event.