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Quick-join meeting button

The join meeting button lets you instantly join conferencing calls.

Cron auto-detects conferencing links in the location or description fields and serves the prominent button. Joining meetings from Cron opens natively-installed apps like Zoom directly, without opening a browser tab first. Common conferencing links that are supported included Zoom links, Google Meet links, and Microsoft Team links.

Quick-copy buttons

All context panel fields that often get copied, such as participants’ email addresses, now have inlined quick-copy buttons on hover. This lets you copy values from the Cron UI to your clipboard with a single click.

Other improvements

  • Updates the current time indicator the moment Cron’s window becomes visible.
  • Enables resizing the window to full size when double-clicking on draggable header area.
  • Improves when to prompt for editing repeat events (e.g., when adding conferencing).
  • Improves the language in “Send without email” toast notifications.
  • Improves what month the title shows based on scroll offset and current date.
  • Improves layout for “Conferencing” and “Location” subsections in the right-hand context panel.
  • Turns “Repeat”, “Conferencing”, and “Calendar” inputs into dropdowns.
  • Adds eye icon to calendar dropdown to toggle visibility of calendars right there.
  • Adds icons to conferencing dropdown menu.
  • Adds icons to “Share availabilities” ⋯ action menu.
  • Disables booking link until the availability is created.
  • Disables create and edit functions when offline.
  • Fixes confirming booking link on non-primary calendar creating duplicate meeting.
  • Fixes falsely showing logged-in user as participant on shared calendar events.
  • Fixes the event description field not showing line breaks correctly.
  • Fixes incorrect number of pending changes when changing both start and end time.