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Share availabilities

Coordinating a time to meet often ends up in a message ping-pong that takes forever. And just sending over a Calendly link might be weird in some instances. With Cron “Share availabilities”, you shortcut the message ping-pong.

Simply press S to enter the “Share availabilities” mode and copy available time slots from your calendar to email and messages in seconds. Once you have experienced it, there’s no going back. The shared holds remain on your calendar alongside your regular events.

You can set a title, duration, recipient time zone, and even conferencing. Once a time is confirmed, simply click on the hold and select “Create event from hold” from the ⋯ menu. The hold will turn into an event, auto-create the conferencing link, and free up all the other holds from this group.

If you want to offer the recipient to pick a time within one of the windows you’ve sent them themselves, you can just toggle on the “Scheduling link” to include a personalized scheduling page. When the recipient picks a slot from the meet page, the meeting appears on your calendar, and the holds simultaneously disappear. It’s a really powerful feature.

Other improvements

  • Allows typing multiline event titles in the right-hand context panel.
  • Improves interaction with auto-linked URLs in all context panel fields.
  • Shows full event description at a glance in the right-hand context panel, and for really long descriptions, makes the entire panel scrollable.
  • Fixes mouse cursor position and clicked/dragged event chip slightly out of sync (especially for Magic Mouse users).
  • Fixes visual glitch (z-index) for focus outline when tabbing through Cron menu calendar list.
  • Fixes getting stuck when connecting to Zoom from the conferencing field for the first time.
  • Fixes time zone column for non-integral time zones like India (time zones aren’t always on the hour mark, or even half-hour mark).
  • Fixes regression of event ⋯ actions menu showing up empty.