Screenshot of this changelog

New design and colors for events

Each calendar color generates a family of colors that tint the elements of event chips: ribbons, background, title, time, and dimmed styles. This improves the legibility of what lies in the past, what is ahead, and what is selected. As such, we’ll continue to enhance the visual clarity of the calendar while maintaining a harmonious look and feel.

Drastically improved performance

Scrolling the infinite grid as well as the initial load of the app is significantly faster. It’s a feat of engineering, and we continue to invest in responsiveness across all interactions. Furthermore, we’ve more than halved the download size of the app.

Other improvements

  • Keeps keyboard focus when tabbing from participants in the right-hand context panel.
  • Defaults to the correct calendar when creating an event.
  • Auto-shows and syncs calendar visibility if hidden when creating an event on it.
  • Improves reliability of incremental push sync updates.
  • Improves fade animation of toast notifications to easier catch them with the cursor.
  • Fixes duplicate event chips for repeat series on Jan 1 — happy new year!
  • Fixes some event chips of repeat series, sometimes disappearing on scrolling.
  • Fixes some repeat series in certain time zones, only showing every other day.
  • Fixes some edits to repeat series removing the RSVP status from past events.
  • Fixes changing RSVP status of a single instance in a repeat series.
  • Fixes “Not found” error when moving an event to another calendar shortly after creation.
  • Fixes “Join Zoom meeting” not launching native Zoom app when it’s installed.
  • Fixes tooltips sometimes sticking around or not showing on hover.