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It’s about time.

Cron is an app that shifts your Google Calendar into Pro Mode. Share specific time slots with people within email and messages in seconds. Time zone conversions. A cleaner, more responsive interface, and — did we mention it comes with dark mode?

For professionals who live by their calendar, Cron is making calendaring more efficient and joyful. It’s about time.

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Your calendar. Docked.

Ever had to hunt through 27 browser tabs to find your calendar? Cron lives in your Dock and is always just a ⌘tab away.

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Shortcut the message ping-pong

Coordinating a time to meet often ends up in a message ping-pong that takes forever. And friends don’t send friends — or really anyone important — to a Calendly page.

With Cron Share availabilities, you copy available time slots to email and messages in seconds. Once you have experienced it, there’s no going back.

Cleaner, faster, better, stronger

Jamming on the arrow keys in Google Calendar, and nothing happens? Ever tried scrolling in month view? In Cron, everything is more responsive and works as you’d expect it to.

Never miss a thing

Missing a meeting or call is everyone’s nightmare. Cron’s native notifications ensure you’re always on top of your schedule.

Cron notification

Upcoming: Features in closed beta

Collaborative meeting notes

Auto-remind external guests

Integration of all your tasks

Schedule your day, or someone else will

Email is what others think you should work on. To-dos are what you think you should work on. Your calendar is what you actually work on.

Cron let’s you see a breakdown of how you’ve spent your time at the end of the week.

Cron time breakdown

Cron Quick-add lets you proactively and rapidly carve out specific times in plain English to accomplish your goals, and let others know you’re unavailable.