Best Design in a Calendar App

By Raphael Schaad

Cron Calendar

Cron has been recognized for Best Design in a Calendar App in 2022!

Product Hunt’s list of the 7 Best Calendar Apps of 2022 highlights leaders in this space. Over the past year, countless products have been upvoted and reviewed on Product Hunt. Cron is honored to be recognized for the Best Design in a Calendar App in 2022 after being awarded Productivity App of the Year in 2021.

Good design has always been at the core of what we do. Time is invaluable, and the software we use to interact with our time should reflect that — it should be built with care. Good design isn’t just how it looks but how it works and how it’s built. Peek behind the scenes of our design process how we go from sketch to reality.

Thank you to the incredible Cron community for liking, upvoting, and sharing our progress. As part of Notion, we’re excited to develop powerful integrations and continue to build the best calendar app for our users.

To close out the year, Cron is looking forward to bringing its design to even more platforms.