Cron × Notion

By Raphael Schaad

Cron and Notion side by side

With Cron, we’ve set out to build the next-generation calendar for professionals and teams. In doing so, it has been fantastic to shape the product with our growing number of users and to receive so much love for Cron Calendar from around the globe. To take this even further, I couldn’t be happier to announce that Cron has been acquired by Notion.

When Notion’s co-founder Ivan and I first met earlier this year, we immediately appreciated one another’s craft and ideas for the workplace of the future. Notion is where people manage their information, and Cron is where people manage their time. In Notion’s announcement and Business Insider’s story, we discuss how we’re building a shared vision for the products.

For Cron’s users, it’s important to know that our calendar will continue as a separate app. Nothing changes for existing users, and new users can continue to request early access as we move towards general availability. We’ll work with Notion to bring the two products closer together to unlock powerful workflows. The two apps side by side is already a common sight among our users.

Thank you to our incredible community of users and everyone who has helped build Cron and reach this milestone.

We’re excited to join Notion today and continue to move the world closer to a place where everyone makes the most of their time.